At Morielli Media, we have put together an ace team of professionals that come from diverse backgrounds. Our key players include expert videographers, photographers, writers, SEO’s, social media marketers and marketing consultants to name a few. Together we provide our clients with a full service marketing experience that is rooted in compelling, cinematic video production. Simply put, we bring your unique story to life and make it work for you.

Photographed on the right is the founder of Morielli Media Group, Deena Morielli. Deena has worked in all facets of the marketing and advertising industry from design and management to producing effective marketing tools that generate top line results for over 20 years. Deena’s experience as a videographer has allowed her to produce compelling, cinematic style videos that are used as a powerful marketing tools for clients in all industries. Scroll down to find out why video is a must for your business.


Morielli Media Group is a professional video production company located in Toronto servicing both national and international clients. We have worked in virtually all industries including, but not limited to tourism, architecture, construction, communication technology, computer systems, consulting, consumer electronics, data management, financial, food and beverage, government, law, manufacturing, medical technology, non-profit, pharma, property management, publishing, retail, security, small business, telecommunication, transportation/logistics and utilities.

As a group of like-minded professionals who bring together unique core competencies and expertise, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of consultative marketing and film-making solutions that work in strict adherence to existing brand guidelines and strategic marketing plans already implemented. Our specific strengths lie in producing compelling, cinematic, corporate and biography style films that effectively speak to the targeted audience with great impact. We focus on understanding our clients’ needs while gathering as much input as possible from our clients on the outset in the form of interviews with key personnel. By doing our research up front, and getting input on concepts and content before filming begins, we are able to produce well-targeted benefit driven films that will engage and compel your targeted audience.


It is well documented that video is one of the most compelling ways to convey information. Our brains just process visuals more easily than plain old text. If your consumers simply had to sit back, click a button and watch, chances are, your message will be heard long before it ever gets read. But how you package yourself in video is a very different story. Your personal story in relation to the work that you do is what can differentiate you.

This is called corporate storytelling and it is the bridge to meaningful relationships in business. Connect with people and they will remember your brand. You can do this by showing your passion to the world. With Morielli Media, this is what will come across more clearly than anything else; your passion for what you do. We love bringing stories to life. The next one could be yours.